VAOI Board

VAOI Board of Directors

The Board of Directors responsibility is to ensure that the organization is fulfilling its mission, complies with its bylaws and other rules, reviews financial performance, and approves all contracts. In order to indicate dedication to the organization, they should attend most board meetings. They should always act in the best interest of the organization. All board members should be able to assist with fundraisers and set example by donating to the organization. The board is the governing body of the organization, and works as a team in deal with problematic areas. It reviews the organizations mission annually and re-energizes itself through retreats and other activities. It invites outside expertise and educates itself in best practices.

Ron Verinni

President of the Board- Ron Verini 

Ron is an Air Force veteran that served in Vietnam and has served the community and veterans by hitting the ground running. He is currently Mayor of the city of Ontario, serves on the Governors committee for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), is on the League of Oregon Cities (LOC) planning committee, and takes an active role in the interaction of educating the civilian world about active military, veterans, and their families. Ron has retired from Wall Street and worked for a number of years as 1st Vice President of Lehman Brothers. Ron is familiar with the challenges of military and civilian life and is devoting his life making sure that promises made are promises kept. 


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Vice President - Phil Jacques

Phil is a cool Special Forces and Vietnam Veteran that uses his skills as a special forces artiest to help helm in the Welding Trade. Phil is a retired Welder who works in the Ontario area and consults for the American Welding Society.


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Executive Director - Tammy L. Bigelow

 Tammy is the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and the granddaughter of a WWII Veteran. She has been the Executive Director of Veteran Advocates of Ore-Ida since April of 2016. Her caring, compassionate and patriotic passion makes her a great fit for working with Veterans and their families.  


John B 

Board Member - John Breindenbach

John was in the U.S. Army Veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.  Today, he serves as the Executive Director of the Greater Ontario Chamber of Commerce.



Board Member - Vince Schwartz

Consultant/Advisor, Agriculture, Hydrology, Land Ownership and A Retired Army Veteran



Board Secretary/Treasurer - Charlene Pelland

Charlene is one of the co-founders of VAOI. Her father was a WWII veteran and has a number of family member who are also military. She has a great compassion for Veterans and their families. She is a teacher in the Nursing program for Ontario High School, Nyssa High School and Vale High School.



Advisory Board for VAOI

The Advisory board is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills and augment the formal board of directors, in order to more effectively guide the organization. Since the board of directors has ultimate governance authority for the organization, the advisory board is able to focus narrowly on a specific program in order to advise or support the organization. They will evaluate the performance of a program, ensuring effective planning, monitoring and strengthening of programs and services. They also should have regular attendance at meetings, and be held to conflict of interest and ethics policies.

Advisers - John Mathews

Jerry Haines    

Don O'Brien